24 Hour Dentistry

24 Hour Dentistry in Oakhurst, NJ

Anyone who has experienced dental problems after normal office hours knows how annoying it can be to wait until a dentist is available. Dr. Santo Trufolo & Dr. Alex Shor in Oakhurst, NJ offers 24 hour dentistry so you don’t have to wait when you’re in pain.

There are many reasons you may be experiencing severe dental pain – maybe you were in an accident that knocked out a tooth, maybe you have a toothache that is preventing you from eating, or maybe you had a crown or filling fall out. Whatever the reason, the experienced staff at Dr. Santo Trufolo & Dr. Alex Shor is available at any time to treat your dental issue.

If you are in severe pain or had an injury to your teeth, mouth, or jaw, it’s important to have the problem looked at sooner rather than later. If you ignore a bad dental problem, it can lead to worse problems, including infection, and will probably be more painful and more expensive to fix.

If you’re in pain, don’t wait – call Dr. Santo Trufolo & Dr. Alex Shor in Oakhurst, NJ now to schedule an appointment.